Website Testing
BRMN IT Solution delivers a full range of web application testing services to help you be sure that your software is in compliance with the highest functional, safety and usability standards of quality in World Wide Web. When web application testing is supported out, your web application or website is tested for potential bugs and all necessary reports are performed depending on your web testing necessities. With our web application testing services you will gain the following benefits:

Cost-efficiency and time-saving – we use leading edge testing tools in order to make your web application testing less expensive and of better quality;

Risk mitigation – our professional team of testers is good in assessing and mitigating risks depending on web testing type;

Agility – we strive to be as flexible as it possible;

Open communication – BRMN IT Solution can provide you with dedicated manager who will be responsible for 24/7 communication process between teams of testers and developers.

Mobile Testing
BRMN IT Solution can provide you with mobile application testing services that include testing application software on different mobile devices for its usability, stability and functionality. Mobile application testing is an important part of app development process and can valuably decrease your operational costs.

With our mobile app testing services you will gain the following benefits:
         You will be sure that your application works stable on different mobile devices and networks.
         Time-to-market will be reduced significantly.
         Your mobile app will demonstrate the highest level of user experience and quality.
        Cost-efficiency and time saving.

Our professional mobile testing consultants will help you with choosing the most suitable types of mobile application testing that will be in full compliance with all your requirements. BRMN IT Solution stands out among other mobile application testing companies for its adherence to the latest standards of IT industry. During mobile app testing, we offer several business models to our clients. You every time can choose the model which best suits to your business.
         Regression Testing for Mobile
         Functional Testing for Mobile
         Load Testing for Mobile
         Security Testing for Mobile
         Usability Testing for Mobile
         Performance Testing for Mobile

Desktop Application Testing
BRMN IT Solution has a wide experience in delivering desktop application testing services to our clients from all over the world.

Our aim to follow the newest trends in desktop application testing and development in order to provide you with the most suitable and leading edge solutions.

If you what your desktop application to take a leading positions on the IT market you must be sure that it will be tested in a right and systematic manner. Our professional consultants can help you to choose the most appropriate type of desktop application testing and our experienced testers will help you to perform it in the most efficient way.

With our desktop application testing solution you will gain the following benefits:
         Adherence to security standards;
         Experience in testing solution of multifunctional desktop applications;
         High-skilled team of testers;
         High-quality consulting services;
         Using the latest technology;
         Different procedures and business models.

BRMN IT Solution provides different types of desktop application testing that can be carried out depending on your requirements and needs.
         Functional Testing
         Configuration Testing
         Web services Testing
         Acceptance Testing
         Compatibility Testing
         Integration Testing
         Load Testing
         Security Testing
         Automation Testing
         Mobile Testing
         Migration Testing
         Platform Testing
         Usability Testing
         Network Testing
         QA process design

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